Before you purchase the Freedom Leg Walking Brace  consider our initial experience

Like you, we were very excited when we saw the Freedom  Leg.  It appeared to answer a need: hands free alternative to crutches to those with an injured knee.  We saw the initial prototype in the Spring of 2009 and were the first distributor to receive production units in December 2009 & January 2010.

Over 75% of our initial 25 units were returned within the 3 day trial period because:

  • Too Long* – uncomfortably contacted groin
  • Too Short* – did not capture enough of  the thigh to be stable
  • To Narrow – Cast or Fracture Boot did not fit between rails
  • Did not fully unload foot (toes still touching – partial weight bearing)
  • Velcro thigh straps did not hold securely

*may have been addressed by additional sizes now offered

Of those that kept them beyond three days we heard complaints that

  • Velcro thigh straps were  not holding
  • Foot tread had quickly worn through
  • Thigh strap broke loose from beam

Most concerning was the 12% Catastrophic Failure Rate.   3 of the 25 units failed when one of the rails buckled during normal use.  All failures occurred when worn by male patients under 200 lbs.

After the second such reported failure we discontinued offering the device.  All of this product experience was shared with the manufacturer.

   Warning:  Forward Mobility will tell you we are just a competitor bad mouthing them.  In actuality, we wish we did have a product that did everything they claimed the Freedom Leg does.



A great trusted independent source is the Better Business Bureau

(click here to go directly to the BBB site).

So Why are we sharing this?

We are sharing this information to set the record straight.  When we first saw the design we were excited. heck we even bought the name in hopes that we would be able to offer them as a cost effective rental like all of our other crutch alternatives (knee scooter, seated scooter,  and hands free crutch) at

Early on it was clear the device was not durable enough for repeated uses in rentals.  Patient feedback was disappointing.  The actual experience we heard was more like the video of the solider using it than that found in the marketing material.

We provided prompt feedback and attempted to work with the manufacturer to improve the design.  We discontinued offering the device when the Freedom Leg when it repeatedly broke in use causing patients to fall.  Based on FWD Mobility’s F rating with the Better Business Bureau as of December 2011, it appears we were not the only ones who had problems with the product and the manufacturer.

FWD Mobility BBB Rating

There is no way for us to delete the post of how excited we were with the concept, but this is our attempt to clearly communicate our initial experience.

As an independent distributor we can carry any product.  Some meet our high quality standards, others do not….

Check out for products that do work. With the widest array of options available to fit your life and your needs, you are guaranteed to get the best value, best service, free same day shipping, and be completely satisfied with your choice. (877) 266-3995

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